First Post!

I invite you to come along on my journey…


In May 2015, I began a new journey. Looking back to try to determine the catalyst for the change, I am unable to pinpoint one solid event. I was working a fast-paced full-time job and running my own business on the side, yet I decided it was time to work on myself. I was overweight, exhausted and at times ashamed of who I was. With family and friend support, I created goals centering around exercise, nutrition and weight loss.

I have had many women contact me and ask questions regarding health and exercise. I am hoping this blog will accomplish a few goals – to share my journey to inspire others, to share exercise /nutrition tips and to empower other women (and moms) to take care of themselves. I strongly believe a mom who eats a healthy diet (yes, you can still drink wine and eat chocolate!), exercises and maintains close relationships with friends is setting a great example for her children and is a more effective mom.

I invite you to come along on my journey and feel free to ask questions as we go. The information I share is what works for me – our bodies are all different; so you may need to adjust and determine what will work best for YOU!

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