What is Runaissance?

Runaissance – a renewal of life through running

Renaissance: a renewal of life, vigor, interest, etc.; rebirth; revival.

As soon as I met my husband, I was blessed with an insta-family including my 6 year old stepdaughter (now 20) and a 9 year old stepson (now 23). After our 2004 wedding, we added another boy in 2006. Prior to our last child’s birth, we had relocated and I had left my full-time job. My husband was commuting approximately 1.5 hours each way and often out of town on travel up to two weeks of each month.

During this time, life caused my priorities to change. The extracurricular schedule of the older kids,having a small child and a traveling husband kept us all very busy. We seemed to always be on the go – and I always thought I didn’t have time to exercise. We lived on a mountainside with beautiful gravel roads and had a treadmill in the basement; yet I didn’t utilize any of those options.

This period of time of my life (which ended up being 15 years), I explored other jobs and left the fitness industry for the most part. Most of you know I started my own business in the food industry – I became a different me; not necessarily a bad version, but just different.

At this point, life was very sedentary (other than chasing after our son!) and gained a significant amount of weight due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise. This was a completely different version of the last decade of my life – from the age of 11 up until college graduation, I was a competitive runner (I ran nearly every single day), lifted weights often and was very active. Now, exercise was not a part of my daily routine.

However, May of 2015 is where my next life chapter began – and where I believe my Runaissance started. My childhood passion of running helped reignite the “old” me – I felt a sense of rebirth; of a revival of sorts. I feel as though I was born to run. Even though it took me all those years to return; I am so glad I finally did.

When starting this blog, I wrote down a list of words that I felt described my experience. The word renaissance popped into my head – and then running – and I mashed them together for Runaissance – what I will call a renewal of life through running.

I can’t wait to share with you tips for exercise and nutrition to help all of you start (or continue) on your own journey!


2 thoughts on “What is Runaissance?

  1. Sounds very similar to my life.2015 was a huge turning point in my life as well; but I am just a little slower at getting back to the competitive edge from running in college.

    I am enjoying your blog and your story!

    Cathie Lineburg


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