Making A Change – Readiness

Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.



Preface: You may have to bookmark this page and revisit at a later time. If you do, it’s okay.

Often, I am around other men and women who discuss the desire to drop a few pounds or start an exercise routine. For many of us, all this talk is just that; talk. Why does it seem to take awhile before we take action?

I tell people often you are unable to successfully make a change until you are ready. It sounds like a silly concept, but true. We talk freely about the things we’d like to accomplish – maybe it’s exercise, maybe something else like traveling to a new location, sitting down to read a book or maybe learning to dance or paint. These are dreams and without a plan, dreams are all they will be. Just imaginary thoughts that do not produce tangible results.

“Dreams can inspire you, but goals can change your life.”

Some people may consider this stage denial – however, I prefer the term unreadiness. You have to be ready.

Action is needed to shift your dreams into reality. Sometimes we need a catalyst to push us toward creating a goal and reasons for change vary from person to person. Maybe you pulled your fall clothes out after summer and they are a big snug; maybe you are going through a relationship change and want to do something different. For others, maybe you’ve had a health scare and realize something needs to change. All of these situations cause us to look at ourselves a little differently and consider taking action.

In early 2015, I was at my heaviest weight – the lovely number on the tag of my jeans just kept going higher and higher. My husband loves to shop with me and I was ashamed to let him know what size to bring to the dressing room. Another time while I was out shopping, I became so frustrated that the clothes I loved on the hanger just didn’t look right when I put them on my body. I became defeated each time I went out shopping. I also found my breathing a bit labored after climbing a flight of stairs or doing simple activities. Some of my recent weight gain was due to a new job venture I had started in January – at this point I was working a full-time job in addition to still running my own part-time business. If I thought I didn’t have time to workout before, now I really thought I didn’t have time!

A few experiences during this time frame helped launch me into readiness to make a change. One day, I went on a road trip with a business colleague and we talked about running so I shared my background. I found myself saying, “I know I don’t look like it now, but I used to be…”. I so wanted to be that runner version of myself again; but that me seemed so far in the past.

After a lot of contemplation, I was aware of myself wanting to make a change. Being in my 30s (on the downhill slide to 40), I felt this is the time I should try to be my best self. Thus, my journey begins…

Next time, we will chat about Goal Setting and Creating a Plan!

‘Til then,



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