Beating the Dreaded Winter Blues

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going” – Jim Ryan


Once the new year begins and the decorations are put away, the reality of winter descends. Dreary mornings, cold weather and lack of sunlight can put us in a funk and make it difficult to get motivated to exercise. Or, you may have just lost the excitement or adrenaline rush in your usual workout routine.

It happens. We all experience a rut every once in a while. Shake it up.


Try something new – maybe a yoga or spin class. Go skiing, roller skating or indoor rock climbing. If you are runner, change up your run – add in a tempo run, fartleks, hill repeats or a track workout. Hit the trails; just do something out of the ordinary.

Sometimes setting a goal will help you stay motivated and on track to achieve success. When training for an event, we tend to be more purposeful when training and less likely to miss a workout if there is a target in mind. Choose a 5K, triathlon or obstacle course challenge and get to work.

Find a partner or group to work out with. Knowing others are counting on you to show up makes you less likely to skip a workout. Bonus: you get a little bit of social time too.

Use these tips to shake your routine up and beat the winter blues. Remember, beach bodies are made during the winter!

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