2018 Yuengling Shamrock Race Weekend Recap

Last March was my first experience at the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon/Anthem Shamrock Half & 8K weekend which was definitely memorable. The weather was wicked and I surprised myself with one heck of a half PR. Knowing the course was flat and fast, my husband decided to make the 2018 Yuengling Shamrock Marathon his first marathon. The group I run with decided to sign up for several of the races as well to see if we could set some new PRs and perhaps get a few BQs.

What first began as maybe a half dozen of us quickly grew into approximately 30 runners from our local area. We created a social media page which was helpful for everyone to find someone to train with over the winter. Luckily, we had pretty mild weather in the Shenandoah Valley; a couple subzero training runs, but minimal ice and snow.

I linked back up with Sara (my ultra partner in crime) to hopefully pace her to a BQ. We were able to run most of our long runs together and starting in January, we were able to train together much more since she moved closer to where I live. The training cycle went well. A couple days out from race day, I made Shalane Flanagan’s bone broth and then Flu Fighter Chicken & Rice Stew to help us start our fueling. We planned to head to Virginia Beach on Friday and it couldn’t come soon enough!

We arrived at the Expo as soon as it opened to grab our race packets and browse the booths. The usual vendors were there and being an ambassador, I was excited to see Nuun set up. We walked through with my son and let him gather up some freebies before lunch. We popped over to Max & Erma’s next door since I was scheduled to work at the RaceDots booth (another great company I am an ambassador for) from 2-7. Working at the booth is a lot of fun – I really enjoy chatting with other runners about races they’ve run or about goals for the upcoming race. Seeing all of the kids for Operation Final Mile was great as well.

After the expo, we headed to Murphy’s Irish Pub and then headed back to our hotel (Sheraton Oceanfront) to get to bed since we’d have an early start Saturday. Sara and I headed out about 7 a.m. on Saturday to do our shakeout run before heading to the start of the 8K. Our teammates Alex and Mario were running the 8K as well as several other of our running friends (Barbara, Russ, Suzie, Karie, Jess, Nelson, Michelle, Andrew, Jerry and Dianne) – all but 1 were challengers! We watched a few waves go off and then headed to Atlantic Ave. to catch a glimpse of our runners before heading to the finish. Made it in time to see Alex carry Mario to a sub 30! Woohoo!

We headed to Pocahontas Pancake House for some nourishment before heading back to clean up at the hotel. I was again working for RaceDots at the expo from 12-2 so headed off soon. Again, a great time working with Jason and Amy at the booth and Bart Yasso walked on by and said hello. Walking out, I saw our coach Jeremy and his wife Jen coming into the expo. I headed back to the hotel and we decided to go mini golf with the kids black light/3D style! A little crazy; but definitely kept the race nerves at bay.

Dinnertime. Thanks to Russ, we had arranged a reservation for our local runners at Chick’s Oyster Bar where his son works. They prepared us a pasta dinner as we were able to relax overlooking the water. The room was a buzz from 8K talk and everyone chatting about the next day’s races. Some of us finished dinner off with Key Lime pie (YUM!) and then headed back to the hotel. We took a dip in the hot tub and then it was time to set out our race kits and get ready to ShamROCK. I set out my Injinji socks, Topo St-2s, Legend compression sleeves with my other gear (including my festive headband and gold tattoos!). I actually slept pretty well the night before the race. I think John was pretty nervous!

Woke up to a brisk morning with a little breeze. Sara, Mario, Laura and I started jogging up to the starting area. Andrew was also there and we soon ran into Alex (Alex was interviewed – check out the video) and Jeremy. We tried to keep loose and warm before heading into our corrals. Soon, we all headed into the ropes – said good luck to Alex and Jeremy since they were in fast corrals and Sara, Mario, Laura, Joe and I headed to Corral 3. We saw Josh & Estella (Sara’s husband and daughter) and my son Dylan before we were off.

This year, the half and full started at the same place at the same time. I was a little worried to see how this played out, but actually, wasn’t bad at all. Sara and I started to lock into our pace and chatted a little. About a mile or two in, I saw a familiar gait to my left. I said, “Sara, looks like Vern!” Sure enough, Vern and Barbara were running alongside us in the half. After a few words, we forged ahead. Early on, the race was exciting. We saw a lot of fun signs and we just kept the miles clicking along.

We fueled around mile 5 and started to head towards Fort Story. Last year, we had quite a cross wind which blew the sand right at us which gave us a little exfoliation treatment. Not today; weather was still calm with a slight breeze. Around the lighthouse, we passed our friend Mike. Soon, we were out of the base and back on the roads. Crowd support was great; several chances to have a beer, a shot of alcohol or oranges. One thoughtful spectator had a Vaseline stop set up.

Around this time, I warned Sara to be careful of our pace picking up because the half marathoners would start increasing their pace to the finish. Right after the half/full split, we saw Josh, Estella and Dylan. We turned left and ran on the boardwalk along the ocean. I made sure to get a glimpse of the water and just enjoy the scenery as we headed into mile 15. Before we headed over the bridge, we saw our friend Joe, and started one of the very few inclines on the course. Coming off the bridge and heading towards the 18-19 mile turnaround, I was trying to calculate where Jeremy would be around this point; wondering if we would run past him. Once I told Sara we might see him, she started speeding up again! Shortly thereafter, we saw him coming towards us and exchanged some high fives. After the turnaround, we saw Mario and Laura as well as Jason.

Right before we headed into Camp Pendleton, Sara started to fall back just a tad although we were still on target. We passed mile 20 and meandered our way through the base. At the aid station, Sara went to grab water and I grabbed a banana. I turned around and oh no! Sara was walking. I had a hunch these next few miles were going to be tough. We walked for a minute or so and started jogging again. Started heading back over the bridge towards the boardwalk. After the bridge, we saw John, Karie and Suzie which gave us some encouragement. On the boardwalk, things were rough. Sara was very thirsty – no aid stations were near and my bottles were empty. Off in the distance behind us, I could hear Mario yelling, “Let’s go Sara!” Soon, Mario and Laura were behind us and Laura shared some water with Sara as they passed.

We kept plugging along; slowly at times; yet still forward. I knew Sara was hurting and I tried to say every positive and motivational phrase I could say to keep her moving. I may have been stern at times, but I was trying EVERYTHING! I remember telling her we had 40 minutes to go 4 miles. Those last few miles of a marathon are no joke; they seem to suck every mental and physical bit of you as possible. Yet, we kept moving.

Eventually, we turned off the boardwalk and started heading back through the last mile. We saw Josh, Estella and Dylan and then Jess with her awesome signs. We rounded the last turn to head towards the finish and saw Russ. I kept turning around and encouraging Sara to bring it home. The finish line was in sight; yet was still so far away. I’m unsure where she mustered this late race energy, but she dug in and hammered it home. 3:33:08. A BQ. Maybe not quite enough to be accepted, but a BQ AND A PR! 

We walked through the finishing chute grabbing our medals, hats, towels, a drawstring bag and a lot of snacks. We were greeted by several of our running friends as we walked down to the party tent. There was a lot of excitement and chatter about our respective races as we refueled with stew, bratwursts, cookies and of course, beer! We found out how our friends did in the half (Alex smoked it!) and kept tracking those who were still out on the course. We headed back out to the finish line to catch John, Karie and Suzie run down the homestretch. We hit the PR bell along the way, took some photos and ate and drank some more before needing to head back to check out at the hotel.

After some hot showers and checking out of our rooms, we were still hungry so headed to North End Pizza. After pizza, wings, beer and ice cream, Josh, Estella and Sara hit the road back to Winchester. John, Dylan and I headed to meet Jess and then link up with a few others at a hotel bar. Dylan and Jess’s boys had a great time playing football on the beach while the adults chatted. Our group ended up at Catch 31 before calling it a night. What a fun time! 

Sharing this weekend with so many others was a blast. There were approximately 30 runners from the Shenandoah Valley registered in at least one of the weekend races. Seven runners finished their first marathon and around 20 set a new personal record. Awesome! Several runners have already registered for the 2019 race weekend and there is talk about trying to all book at the same hotel to enhance the weekend even more. Congrats everyone!!

Check out this great video Josh created on his YouTube Channel: Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat:

Up next, Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (and the 60th RRCA National Convention)!

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