60th Annual RRCA Convention & Level 1 Coaching Recap

Have you ever sat in a work-related convention and nearly shed tears of joy?

Sounds crazy right? Yet, this is exactly what happened to me late last week.

For nearly a year, our Runner In Training calendar had the 60th Annual RRCA Convention listed. Often, I’d load the site and check out the details, seeing if I could make it happen. In addition to the convention itself, I also noticed the RRCA Level 1 Coaching class would be held at the convention. Conveniently, this year’s host city was Arlington, VA.

Finally, I decided to make the jump and click register…just in time. I snagged the last spot!

Leading up to convention weekend, I found out Meb Keflezighi and Deena Kastor would be our luncheon speakers – so awesome. Our lead instructor sent out the course schedule which looked pretty intense for 3 days plus fitting in whatever convention events would be possible. Jeremy and I also found out we could maybe squeeze in the Crystal City 5K on Friday for a discounted rate, which of course we couldn’t turn down.

Day 1:

That’s me in green in class!

My Day 1 of RRCA started bright and early at 8 a.m. I hit the road from Winchester around 5:30 a.m. and headed towards the city. Thankfully, had little issue with traffic and directions and was one of the first to arrive at the Double Tree Crystal City. Upon check-in, I received an awesome Leslie Jordan windbreaker jacket, a pair of Feetures socks and a pretty sweet RRCA backpack. I gathered up all my gear and headed to our classroom. Approximately 40 students were in our Level 1 Class, and it was so neat to discover where everyone was from – New York, Florida, Texas, even Poland and Ireland! I was intrigued to learn about everyone’s running backgrounds and experiences. 


Usually, you may have 1 or 2 coaching instructors, but at convention, we actually had 4 (Randy, Brent, Bobby and Cari). After introductions, we started cruising through course material and soon it was lunch. We had a tasty lunch and went right back into coursework for a few more hours until it was time to meet our Regional Reps. By this time, Jeremy had arrived and we sat in to meet our Eastern Region rep and running leaders from our region. After, we headed up to the 14th floor for the Welcome Reception which provided a beautiful evening view of the city.

Me with Meb & Jeremy

Jeremy, his wife Jen and I grabbed drinks and snagged a bite to eat. Met a few new people and then all of a sudden Jeremy said, “Meb is here!” Turned around and there he was. To say I was excited is an understatement. Meb was very kind; shaking hands with all of us, saying a few words and taking pics. Meb’s brother Hawi was also present and I enjoyed chatting with him for a few minutes as well. After about an hour or so, I headed out to drive to a friend’s house to spend the night (and have some girl time!).

Day 2:

Day 1 Group Run

Early to rise – 6:30 a.m. run. Arrived at the hotel in the lower lobby which was soon abuzz with excitement with dozens and dozens of runners ready for an early bird run. We headed towards the Mt. Vernon Trail where we got a glimpse of the Washington Monument and watched a few early flights take off. Out 2 miles and 2 miles back to the hotel; time to get ready for the day (check out the Leslie Jordan shirt and medal from Ashworth Awards). After showers, we headed to breakfast which I chowed down on a delicious yogurt parfait. We had a welcoming act by Ben Franklin (pretty funny and odd at the same time) then sat through a talk about insurance (heard about some interesting claims from races). After, Jeremy and I headed to our respective sessions – me back to Level 1 Coaching and Jeremy to a talk about running injuries with our local Dr. Mark from Two River Treads.

Soon, it was time for lunch with our speaker Meb Keflezighi. Wow. Meb was funny, inspiring, engaging and just overall amazing. Listening to him speak about his family’s departure from Eritrea and relive his Boston win with us nearly brought me to tears. If you ever have the chance to hear Meb speak, do it.

After lunch, I headed back to coaching and Jeremy to another discussion by Dr. Mark. After we finished learning for the day, it was time to run, again! We changed and grabbed our gear and headed to the Crystal City 5K start approximately 1 mile away. Thankfully, we arrived early and had little wait for our bib pickup. Unfortunately, the race was delayed 10 minutes which was a little stressful since we needed to pick up our Credit Union Cherry Blossom packets by 7:45! At 6:40, the 5K started with approximately 1300 runners – crazy. We snaked behind buildings and through the streets of Crystal City. The wind was pretty fierce in our face during mile 3 and I comfortably finished in a 20:07. Jeremy ended up 2nd in his age group (out of 139) and I was 3rd out of 282 in my age group.

Time to hoof it to the National Building Museum to pick up our packets. The 3 of us seriously dashed to the nearest metro only to have a 7 minute wait for the next train, then be momentarily stopped in a tunnel and finally arrived at our station, with 5 minutes to spare. Again, dashed through the streets of DC trying to arrive before the expo was shutting down. Literally felt like we were running another race! Once we arrived, packet pickup was smooth; and went downstairs to grab our tshirts. Along the way, I stopped by Racedots to see my favorite crew! Luckily, there were RRCA buses to get back to the hotel. By this time, I was sweaty and getting hangry. Grabbed a bite to eat at the hotel and started to head to my friend’s house for more girl chat (and to try to get my homework completed!).

Day 3:

Another early morning wake up call for a 6:30 a.m. group run. This time, we headed towards the Air Force Monument. What a beautiful sight early in the morning. Also had a great view of the Washington Monument again and the Arlington Cemetery. Leaving the monument area, who is running right by us? Bart Yasso! Jeremy asked if we could grab a selfie (Bartie) and he said sure. From this point, we were the only ones running with him. We headed to the 9/11 Memorial and chatted about races with him – Kauai, Maldives and when I told him I was from Northeast PA, we discussed Steamtown and the Run for Diamonds.

Back at the hotel, we received another great shirt from Leslie Jordan and another unique medal from Ashworth awards. Then, time to hit the showers, great breakfast and head back to class. I had my last full day of Level 1 and Jeremy would be in Level 2 all day. This time for lunch, we had Deena Kastor as our speaker. Another inspiring story, and I loved hearing about her experience as a runner as well as something we both love – baking!

After lunch, you guessed it – back to class. But first, I met Amby Burfoot! We finished up around 5 to get ready for the Silent Auction/Closing Reception and then dinner. I quickly got dressed in the downstairs lobby bathroom (thank goodness no one came in as I straightened my hair in my dress and Feetures socks – with gear all over the place!). Great time at the closing reception connecting with my Level 1 classmates on a personal level as well as chatting with Deena Kastor about baking.

Chatting with Deena Kastor about running and bakeries.

Once again at dinner, my previous life as a baker was resurrected as I had the opportunity to see (and taste) a cake from Charm City Cakes! Dinner was good and then the awards started – greatly enjoyed Bart’s speech as he was inducted into the RRCA Hall of Fame. At 9 p.m., I called it a night and headed to meet Sara and Josh at a hotel for the night (which was another adventure in itself!). I’ll pick back up here for the next post about the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

For now, I want to summarize my experience at RRCA Convention. The days were long, informative, fun and an experience I will never forget. Being surrounded by running leaders, legends and others with a passion for running was completely overwhelming (in a very positive way). Returning to the running world has been such a satisfying journey for me. For the past 4 days, I felt like I was “home” – extremely thankful I had the courage to try once again and had the opportunity to do so. Meeting Meb, Deena, Amby and running with Bart created so many amazing memories.  In addition, this couldn’t have been planned at a better time – attending the convention the week before my 1st Boston Marathon was extremely inspiring. I can’t wait to take my test and start plotting the course for others to keep taking the next step.

Thanks RRCA – now I need to start saving and figure out how I can possibly attend 2019 in New Orleans!

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