Follow Your Heart

The Shenandoah Valley Runners Winter Series starts on Sunday! This year, the series kicks off at the South Berkeley Christmas 5K which is a very festive and fun way to begin. Are you signed up yet? Why not?

Based on my experience, here’s a great reason why you should sign up plus I’ll share my goals for this year.

The first time I ran the SVR Winter Series was in 2016-2017. Still new to the area’s running community, I would show up and nervously smile and say hi to the few runners I knew. I loved the energy; listening to some of the guys exchange a little friendly trash talk and seeing family and friends running together; I felt excited to find this wonderful group of people. Every other weekend, I continued to show up and meet more and more friendly runners.

This is where I found my tribe. Somewhere in the middle of the first Winter Series, I started joining a few of the guys who were training for Boston for weekend long runs. Being around the easy and humorous banter between them made the miles fly by and pushing myself to keep their pace helped me improve immensely. At this point, I had never even considered qualifying for Boston a possibility, but they inspired me to reach higher than I had ever dreamed about. With my newly rekindled passion for running, my competitive fire was ablaze and I was able to finish the last two Winter Series as the 2nd Overall Female.

The first Winter Series was a springboard for me back into competitive racing. In training runs and during races, I chased the guys which helped me stay in the top of the women’s field. I will confess I did have serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out); running a lot of races within a year. If there was a race, I wanted to run. I set some Becky v.2 PRs in every distance from the mile to a 50 miler; and qualified for both Boston and NYC. It has been a lot of fun not only from a personal standpoint but the social aspect as well. I sometimes find myself wondering if I would have ever have attempted some of the challenges I have without the encouragement and support of the inspiring runners I have had the pleasure of meeting.

This year, things started to change. Races I once loved, I didn’t find myself excited for. I found myself searching for the next challenge. Seeking out where I felt I belong – is it the 5K? Half? Marathons? Trails?

As I ran through the trails with friends Sunday, a conversation took place discussing doing what others think you should do versus what you feel you should do. Which brings me to the reason I am writing today.

Looking towards this Winter Series, at this moment, running the 5K races competitively is not jump starting my heart. Maybe this will change on Sunday, but I’m unsure. However, this does not mean I will stay home under the blankets while you fools run in subzero temps and snow. I have just decided to take on the WS in a different way – I am the race director for WS#3 and the others, I may volunteer, maybe pace a friend and yes, I will still race a couple too. I am just going to have fun being involved, no matter the role I play. Giving back makes me just as happy as racing.

As for my 2019 goals, my race calendar is still full of holes as I continue to scour available races while listening to the pitter patter of my heart telling me I am on the right path. Until I share my plans, I sure hope to see you out at the SVR Winter Series! Be sure to become a member first (if you are not, shame on you!) and then sign up for the Winter Series – you can’t beat this deal! I truly hope you not only have fun at the Winter Series but maybe you’ll find your tribe too.

And if you’re lucky, they’ll help you achieve more than you ever imagined.

With love,



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