Back in Action !

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”
― Dean Karnazes

Hey all! Sorry for the delay in posting. Since Richmond, it has been a few busy weeks with work and I’ve been pondering about what I would write next.

Ohh, before I go on, here’s my finisher’s certificate!


After Richmond, I was definitely on my runner’s high for at least a week. As you know, the last few miles of the race were tough with cramps/spasms in my legs and my quads were sore for a few days. Looking back, I should have rested for a little while longer but I thought a little jog will help loosen up the muscles. Or, I was just stubborn (my husband is probably nodding his head). I do have to say, runners are awful about #1 resting when needed and #2 stretching!

Any way, I have been battling an annoying IT band since. In the last two weeks, I’ve been able to only train maybe twice a week – I finally gave in to give my leg more rest and focused on HIIT as well as a lot of foam rolling and stretching.

In between all the resting, I did jump in two 5ks. The Thanksgiving Day 5K was great with family and friends – finished 1st in my a.g. with a 21:09. After the race, I felt so great I headed out on a 9 miler with friends the following Saturday – yeaaaah, probably should have rested a little more! Strangely, I felt much better during the race than during training runs.

This past weekend, my son and I did the first race of an 8 part winter series. Conditions: approximately 37 degrees, 14 mph winds with gusts; wicked! The theme was “Beat the Clock” but unfortunately I had other commitments after the race I needed to accomplish, so we headed out at the hour mark start. Course was out and back; and we ran into the wind for the first half. Coming back after the turnaround point was great – less wind and I was able to see so many running friends – love all the support. Finished sub 21 – slowly working towards my 5k goal time.

Right now, I am planning on the Winter Series, a spring half marathon and wondering what else I would like to do. A few girlfriends and I discussed the possibility of JFK50 next year, but there was a little wine involved, haha. I think doing it together with no goal time would be a great experience.

I was also accepted as a 2017 Honey Stinger Ambassador since my last post. Since I run so early, I usually sleep in until the last possible minute and don’t have time to eat breakfast before I hit the pavement. However, I really enjoy eating a Honey Stinger waffle before I go. The chews are also great fuel during those LSD runs. If you haven’t tried them yet, you should!

Enough catching up for today – but I want to stress to my fellow runners (and a reminder to myself!) to stretch. Before races, I see many runners warming up; going through dynamic stretching – but after – rarely see anyone cooling down or stretching. Same with training runs – we are all guilty. We finish, and especially now that it’s cold, jump in our car and head to the nearest coffee shop.

Take a few minutes, whether right after your run, or later at home, to stretch!

Why is stretching after important?

  • Can help reduce muscle soreness – start to move lactic acid from the  muscle.
  • Help prevent injury.
  • Increases range of motion.

There are still some mixed reviews on the importance of stretching. However, I feel I can place more load/stress on a stretched, loose muscle than when I’m sore and tight. Do what works for you!

Chat soon,